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Plastic perforated corners "Bayser"

Plastic perforated corners "Bayser"

Perforated PVC corner or plastic corner found the mostwidely use in the finishing works both inside and outside the premises.

Plastic corner is used for the exact geometry of wall anglesand slopes, protection and enhance angles drywall partitions and cladding frommechanical damage and to align the angles of the room, before painting,plastering, pasting wallpaper or other types of finishing. Subsequently, theplastic perforated corner "Bayser" allows you to preserve permanentlythe look of the angle, having secured the plaster from mechanical damage.



The size of this finishing material is 25x25 millimeters.The selvedge of the corner is straight, with a length of 250 or 300centimeters. Lightweight of perforated corner is to minimize the weight of thesurface, where it will be installed. With perforated corner will not bedifficult to create a perfectly flat angle without chips and chipping.


In section perforated corner Bayser has an acute angle (85°), which provides at its installation snug fit to the surface angle of theseptum. Due to its structure perforated PVC corner feats perfectly to any walland forms straight right angles.

Perforated PVC corners "Bayser" - is a practical,convenient, and inexpensive material. The plastic corners have a long servicelife, corners of PVC does not corrode and are lightweight.


When installing corner in the perforations penetrate filler,previously stamped on the corner of the structure. Using a spatula solutionequals to the same level with the plane of the wall.

Serkan-Plast Company produces plastic perforated corner"Bayser" of high-quality environmentally friendly materials.

Plastic perforated arched corner "Bayser"

One side of the corner is perforated, the second has a notches.This design allows you to bend the corner to a certain radius. This is used forcreating geometrically correct angular edge of arched openings and othersmoothly curved corners. Mounts to drywall using a stapler. After that, on thearea is applied putty with a spatula and is attaining the same level with thewalls of the adjacent surfaces. Dimensions of the plastic corner are 25x25 mm,length can be 2.5 or 3 meters.