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Plastic dowel for thermal insulation installation (Styrofoamor mineral wadding) production;

Dowel Bayser for facades, or, as it is called parachute, umbrella, designed for fixing insulation materials to the base of the concrete, or brick, lightweight concrete (foam and aerated concrete), natural stone and other building materials. In fact, the facade dowel is a product belonging to the category of hardware in the form of a fastening element - it is just a facade anchor plastic sleeve with a cap. The advantage of dowel Bayser - that plastic is not converted into thermal bridges in the winter, thus eliminating heat loss, and does not corrode, which means very long service life. Plus, the facade dowel Bayser is very simple and easy to install, special design reduces the work time with our dowel for 30 percent, while its tensile strength is higher than traditional wall dowel with the core.


Facade dowel Bayser is a product in the form of a pin. At the top of dowel is a wide flat cap, and its end portion transverse prongs are "sliced" circumferentially. The diameter of dowel’s cap is about 55 mm, an outer diameter of the dowel’s body about 14 mm and a length of 100 mm. The prongs serve as fasteners: when driving in dowels, they are bent against the motion of dowels taking the form of fir tree. Thereby dowel is firmly attached at the foundation.


Facade dowels are widely used in the installation of ventilated facades. With the same efficiency and a high degree of strength the dowel is able to fix the front plug on the vertical walls of most types of thermal insulation, both soft and hard. Typically, the dowel for insulation is used when there is a need of mounting strips or plates made of mineral or glass wool, polystyrene foam, polyurethane and others, identical in physical properties of materials.


The facade dowel Bayser is installed as follows. First thing is marking the location of the insulation plate. Next, to the foundation (the wall) is applied a heat insulator and through it is drilled a hole with a diameter of 10-12 mm, deeper than the length of dowel for 5-10 mm. Then dowel for insulation is inserted into the drilled hole and pressed inside till his cap reaches the heat insulator.